Blue Morpho Butterfly Belize & Natural History Museum

Learn about our Blue Morpho Butterfly Belize Farm & Belize's Natural and Cultural Worlds.

Belize's Natural History & Butterflies Come Alive

A scenic walk along the Macal River from the Camp takes visitors to The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s main area. This leads to two of our most popular attractions; the Belize Natural History Museum and the Blue Morpho Butterfly Belize Farm.

The Natural History Center is often referred to as the museum, and the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm is more a breeding facility. They’re both fascinating… and free for guests staying at the camp.

Yes, Chaa Creek and Macal River Camp guests are welcome, and encouraged, to visit these educational resources. Over the years these facilities have introduced thousands of visitors, students and researchers to the Belize’s vibrant natural and cultural worlds with a highlight on Belize’s iconic Blue Morpho and other butterflies.

Video of Belize Butterfly Farm:

The Belize Natural History Meseum

The Belize Natural History Museum contains one section dedicated to the Maya of Belize. Ancient artefacts found on the grounds of Chaa Creek and the reproduction of a traditional Maya dwelling help to illustrate the historical information and scheduled lectures about this fascinating, highly advanced and enigmatic people.

Another section highlights Belize’s ecological evolution and natural and geo-history with illustrated timelines and displays of butterflies, birds, insects and fossils. This includes an ancient mastodon tooth found on the property – to give visitors an historical overview from Belize’s earliest beginnings.

Together the displays acquaint visitors with Belizean nature and Maya culture, leaving them with a better understanding and appreciation of the world around them. This comes in handy walking through Chaa Creek’s 400-acre nature reserve or visiting Belize’s many Maya temples and archaeological sites.

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The Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm, established in the 1990s, continues to be immensely popular with visitors of all ages and interests. To see the cobalt blue, mesmerising giant butterflies emerge from their chrysalis stage is an unforgettable sight. It never fails to delight adults and children alike. What looks like a pale green dewdrop changes into a voracious caterpillar before morphing into its pupa stage. One of the world’s most beautiful butterflies then emerges.

This is a rare opportunity to see one of nature’s most striking – and beautiful – metamorphosis.

These attractions and more are just a pleasant, picturesque walk from the Camp and are guaranteed to enhance your jungle visit.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm & NHC Tour Details

Departures: Daily 8:00am to 4:00pm - Guided tours are run in conjunction with tours of the Butterfly Farm and begin on the hour every hour with the last tour starting at 3:00pm

Habitat: Sub-tropical rainforest

Duration: 50 minutes

Fitness: Moderate

What to bring along: Hat, sunscreen, water, insect repellant, camera and raingear if needed

Dress: Long pants and sturdy protective footwear - sleeve lengths are optional

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