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Belize Tours and Activities

Best Belize Tours and Activities

Our licenced naturalist guides and Chaa Creek Expeditions staff have the experience and in-depth local knowledge to make Belize  come alive.

Ancient Maya temples, royal residences, sprawling metropolises and artefact-laden ceremonial caves are all in close, easy proximity.

And right outside your camp casita’s veranda are miles of trails perfect for horseback riding, guided nature hikes, bird watching and exploring, while the Macal River offers swimming, tubing and canoeing.

Chaa Creek’s infinity pool, restaurant, amenities and attractions such as the Natural History Museum, butterfly farm and Maya medicinal plant trail are all just a scenic walk away.

Relaxing in your hammock with a cool drink, good book or pair of binoculars makes for a pleasant day, and when you want to get up and go, check out the tours and activities below:

Horseback Riding

Our herd contains the perfect horses for novices and experienced horseback riders alike

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Canoeing the Macal River is an activity anyone can enjoy on a beautiful waterway with a long colorful history

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There’s no better way to cover so much ground, and opportunities to observe jungle flora and wildlife

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With over 300 species of resident and migratory birds, discover why the camp is a bird watcher’s paradise

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Creatures of the Night

Up for some exciting nightlife? the forest after dark is alive with our Creatures of the Night guided tours

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Maya Temples

The Macal River Camp is located in what is known as the Heartland of the Ancient Maya Civilisation

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Cave Tours

Xibalba, the mysterious underworld of the Maya, are also natural wonders waiting to be explored

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Snorkeling & Diving

Did you know you can seamlessly combine jungle and Caribbean Sea adventures in one vacation?

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Museum & Butterfly Farm

Learn about Belize’s natural & cultural history while marvelling at stunning Blue Morpho Butterflies emerging from their cocoons

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