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Belize Safari Jungle and River

Enjoy our Belize Safari through the jungle and on the Macal River.

Best Belize Safari Jungle and River

The Belize Safari Jungle tour takes guests on an all-terrain vehicle excursion through the various ecosystems surrounding Chaa Creek, and a River Safari aboard the Miss Macal.

The 400-acre private nature reserve surrounding Chaa Creek and The Macal River Camp just begs for exploration. On horseback, morning and evening guided nature walks, or simply strolling along the well-maintained trails. And for a more comprehensive look, there’s travelling along on an all-terrain vehicle through broadleaf forests, cohune palm ridges and other rainforest habitats with a knowledgeable guide pointing out various points of interest.

There’s no better way to cover so much ground, and opportunities to observe jungle flora and wildlife, including the occasional tapir, abound. Definitely bring your camera!

The RTV Belize Safari at Chaa Creek:

The Belize Safari Experience

Africa comes to mind again, this time in the form of the African Queen, when we think of the Macal River Belize Safari aboard the Miss Macal. A traditional Belizean Johnboat whose stability and shallow draft made it the boat for Belizean river exploration for generations.

Today, our guides skipper the Miss Macal up and down her namesake river to give passengers a comprehensive look into Belize’s vibrant riverine habitat. Sit back and relax with a cool drink and camera at the ready as you pass riverbanks teeming with birds and huge iguanas sunning themselves on tree branches.

Ladies – a broad brimmed hat and scarf will put you in the African Queen mood, and gentlemen, feel free to grow a stubble and forgo bathing for a few days… but you’ll have to bring your own gin.

Whichever safari you choose – and we recommend both – you can be assured of an eye opening, off the beaten track excursion through the timeless beauty of Belize’s unique rainforest and river ecosystems.

And afterwards, recounting your adventures at the Jungle Lounge, you may just find yourselves channelling Hemingway, Hepburn and Bogart…safaris have that effect on people.

RTV & Miss Macal River Tour Details

Departures: Daily tours leave at 7:30 am and 1:30pm

Habitat: Sub tropical broadleaf forests and open meadows

Terrain: Moderately rolling forest, covered foothills with some steep inclines

Distance: 4 to 5 miles

Duration: 2 hours

Fitness: Basic

What to bring along: Hat, sunscreen, water, insect repellant and camera

Dress: Short or long pants and comfortable footwear -- sleeve lengths are optional

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